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Exclusive interview - RIVA STARR

Exclusive interview - RIVA STARR

We are really prod to present exclusivity Riva Starr's interview about his beginnings and the new projects for the future. Music, dreams and influences this's Riva Starrfor

You're a a well rounded dj, you have played different sounds during your career, which is your favorite style?

There’s no fave sound to be honest, I play what I like no matter what the trend is.. Something I don t like in club music today is that lot of people too often follow trends, I don’t care trends come and go.. I just go for the music!

Nowdays there are a lot of youth who want to became djs, could you give them some tips, please?

My main tip is always to try and be original, developing their very own creativity, sound and style. Only in that way you will be able to outstand from the mass.

How technologies changed the way to make music?

Well a lot if you ask me, since the first synthesizer. Of course today you can make everything out of a simple laptop and a bunch of samples and plug-in. I don ‘t mind it, but I’m always faithful to my old school style. Analog desk and outboard plus old synths... And some plug in of course :)

Do you think the music we prefer, the right sound influenced by the clubber or byt the djs? Or better who decide which kind of music is cooler?

I decide which kind of music is cool for me. Then the people can decide if that’s cool for them and eventually come to my gigs :) as I said a lot of people is too often influenced by the trends rather than their taste. Everyone has his own way to make things isn’t it

Could you present your last work? Which are your inspirations?

Last work of mine is BATERIA FANTASTICA more of an album rather than a compilation. Batería Fantástica is a great project, featuring an all-star line-up made up of friends and very good producers that I highly respect. From Carl Cox & Jon Rundell to 2000 And One & Madskillz, &me, Pirupa, Ramon Tapia, El Pocho, Nuveau Yorican etc... It was a fun and fairly long process to build up but at the end the result was worth the effort. I Just aimed to do  something different for Miami instead of the usual mix compilation.. So everyone made an original track based on south american flavour... And everyone delivered!Well I asked to averyone personally to get involved into this thing firstly explaining that it would have been something slightly different from their usual thing... And tha was the key point of the experiment.. Having fun with music!!!