Streetstyle by Eleonora Carisi in New York

Goldie Rush has been working successfully as an image consultant since 2002 and has recently founded her own company, Goldie Rush Image Consulting.
With a penchant for all things creative, Goldie has the innate ability to transform even the most fashionably challenged into confident and stylish individuals. She doesn’t believe in changing her clients into something they're not, she focuses her energies on enhancing exactly who THEY ARE so that their personality and individuality can be reflected in their everyday style choices. When working with a client Goldie takes everything into account including the clients hobbies, future goals, careers, musical taste, social preference, and even romantic aspirations. Upon graduating from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Goldie intended to set the world on fire using her unique blend of artistry, education, and love for art and fashion. Her work experience includes, but is not limited to, assisting the couture designer at the legendary ‘St. John Knits’, Lead jeans designer of ‘California Born Jeans’, and as a Lead Make-up artist for Prescriptives Cosmetics. Goldie also conceptualized both make-up and costumes for the world-renowned performance troop ‘Lucent Dossier’ for their 2009 Coachella performance and worked as an assistant stylist to musical sensations The Pussy Cat Dolls and Lady Gaga. Before moving to New York City Goldie was employed at the famous Los Angeles Vintage Boutique ‘The Way We Wore’ where she acted as the facilitator in the design inspiration center, assisting the likes of John Galliano and the late Alexander McQueen in finding vintage pieces to enrich their current projects. Through living in NY she has managed to create a network of close personal relationships with people in nightlife, fashion, art and music whose work she both admires and is inspired by.  When she is not out on the town, enjoying photography, illustrating, painting, or immersed in a "project" Goldie can be seen strutting the streets of Manhattan, her own personal catwalk. It's on these streets particularly that Goldie has found she can freely express her point of view via her personal style while also drawing upon all the magic and creative inspiration the city has to offer.