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10 Instagram accounts you should follow in 2014

Fresh stuff

10 Instagram accounts you should follow in 2014 Fresh stuff

If even the Oxford Dictionary, noting the increasingly growing phenomenon, elected "selfie" as the keyword of the year, we should note that this was only possible thanks to the advent of a social network that has changed the everyday approach about photography, Instagram.

If 2013 has seen its boom, 2014 is undoubtedly the year of its global success. It's important in this regard, as well as on every occasion, to follow the right people.

Are you fashion's lovers? Do you grew up reading
i-D Magazine? So, take your smartphone and click follow on these accounts.

Here's the most fresh instagram profiles to follow this year.


A bit for self-congratulation, a little for personal pride, the first account we strongly encourage you to follow is ours. We do it for you, to keep you informed with the #nssallaround hashtag. Additionally on next week we will start a new amazing project about our Instagram profile ... stay tuned.

The account
Adam Katz Sinding is a showcase of everything that streetstyle has to offer. A photographic point of view of high level that will throw you in the style of the most important cities.




Let's finish with some always appreciable streetstyle. Bleu Mode aka Julien Boudet is one of our New York based contributors. His pics keep us in good company during the fashion weeks and his instagram profile will make us dream between a fashion show and the other.


Patternbase, as the name implies, is a source that produces inspiration for all designers and lovers of the pattern. Here you will find a collection of original artworks and images collected by the visionary Kristi O'Meara.

looking the Instagram account of Phil Robson you'll surely exclaim two things: "that's cool" and "why didn't I think of that?". Obsessed by sneakers, he's inspired by them as a starting point to create graphics and video. Filfury is an artist, a graphic designer and a director and this diversity in his execution has gained him worldwide respect.



If the stereotype of the perfect fashion blogger bored you, Hannah Richtman is the girl to follow. She is a blogger but she has a unique style - making her cooler than any Chanel 2.55's fashion blogger. Her account is explosive and we highly recommend it.

Latest news from the
fashion world, gossip and curiosity. You can find this and more in the digital version of the successful British magazine. To fall in love.


This is the bio of the Instagram profile of Nylonmag: "the most awesome magazine in the world". Whether or not the best magazine ever existed on the face of the earth, we leave it to you to judge. For us it's an absolutely valid mag and this is enough to place it in our list.

Leandra Medine
is able to make people laught by only talking about her daily outfits. With an infectious smile she daily shares news on fashion system combining fashion and satire. We have not yet discovered her secret and waiting for an epiphany we continue to follow her account with fun.


If you know Carol Lim and Humberto Leon just as creative directors of Kenzo, you are disqualified from the game. Otherwise, you will have in mind Opening Ceremony, their "baby" since 2002, which has become a global reality. The instagram version is one of those accounts to follow, without asking why.

If you
are looking for an irreverent vision, here you served Michel Gaubert. DJ and sound designer with amazing fashion collaborations in his past, he love putting an ironic magnifying glass on the great classics of fashion and on the trends of the moment.