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Sunday Escape - The QL House By Visioarq

In the southernmost region of Portugal

Sunday Escape - The QL House By Visioarq In the southernmost region of Portugal

The Algarve, the southernmost region of Portugal, is a little paradise on earth. This area thanks to the mild climate all year round, the crystal clear sea and the beauty of its landscape, becomes the perfect place to spend holidays flooded in the quiet of constant sunshine nature. And if you are very lucky you may even move there and build a house in an unspoilt environment near the beach. The inspiration could be the QL House. Surrounded by golf courses, residences, estuary and the Atlantic Ocean this unique construction consists of large building blocks placed perpendicular to each other. The particular layout is the solution found by Visioarq agency to balance spaces and landscape integration, creating an interesting play of shadows, light and dark, full and empty. 

Spanning over an area of 1240 square meters, there are garden, large-scale swimming pool and a two-story building, connected by a huge staircase, which contains basement, living and dining room, bathrooms, a regular kitchen and a summer kitchen, four bedrooms, an office and a playroom
. Inside QL House walls are made in white concrete with parts covered with natural cork, traditional Portuguese materials. An indoor garden gives the house an extraordinary natural lighting, mitigated by a pergola that provides shade for the living area. It's an example along with terraces overlooking the surrounding greenery and the porch of the main entrance to the house, as inside and outside are always in dialogue with each other by offering the opportunity to fully enjoy the warm climate of Portugal. Ready to pack up and move to?