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Exclusive interview with STEVE BUG

Something about Steve's World

Exclusive interview with STEVE BUG Something about Steve's World

Today for NSSMAG, Steve Bug answer to our questions about his new projects, life, gigs and others!

1. Who is Steve Bug today?  

My alter ego that produces music and djs all over the world. sometimes he is evil sometimes he is funny, i still don't 100% get this guy! haha  

2. Could you introduce your last project?

I have been collecting ideas for three years to finally finish my new album Noir that is now available in store. it is a darker journey through various sounds and tempos. many people say it is my most mature album and i am very happy with the result.  

3. What do you need in the dressing room before your performance?

Have you some particular custom? most of the times i don't even have a dressing room, that's my particular custom. a bottle of water and a rum + coke on stage is all i need on stage.  

4. Could you tell us some funny issues what happened during your long career?

I could tell thousands, but here is one of my favorites:  a guy walks up to me and says: "that girl you just talked to is my girlfriend, do you like her? it would be an honor for me if you would have sex with her"  

5. Do you prefer djing at Club or at a big music Festival?

I like both, clubs are definitely more intimate and you can experiment more with your sound, but the energy of a big festival is also an amazing feeling  

6. Do you think the technology is helping the music or it is destroying the groove?

Depends on who uses what and how. there are always two sides to it. but i think it's funny when someone is a dj and can't even beatmatch two tracks without syncing them internally.  

7. Laptop or vinyl, what do you prefer?  

Vinyl for the sound, laptop for the way i travel.  

8. What is your favorite track now?

It just changed two minutes ago and will again in..oh wait it just did and will change again in another…ooops just did it again...  

9. What is the secret for a perfect dj set?

To create a vibe for me it's still the most important thing. something that not a lot of djs can do these days.  

10. What is the future of the electronic music?

I don't know, i don't have a time machine, but i am looking forward to whatever is coming.  

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