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The outdoor aesthetic according to Moon Boot Protecht

The brand's new Protecht line against the backdrop of forests and alpine peaks

The outdoor aesthetic according to Moon Boot Protecht
The brand's new Protecht line against the backdrop of forests and alpine peaks
The outdoor aesthetic according to Moon Boot Protecht The brand's new Protecht line against the backdrop of forests and alpine peaks

The majestic sky overlooking the Alps, the wind in the trees of the forest, the river that flows downstream digging its way into the rock. After a year of closures and social distancing, no place seems more liberating than the open mountain, than nature becoming the main antidote to the closure and restrictedness of the city.

It is no coincidence that, in the past year, escapism towards the world of mountain and hiking has created gorpcore, the dominant fashion trend of 2020 – the same type of escapism that, in the 1960s, made the journey to the Moon the dream of a generation and led, by almost providential means, to the birth of one of the icons of Italian design in the world: the Moon Boot. When it was born, the Moon Boot was a worldwide phenomenon, a futuristic product for its own times as much as for ours – and that is why the freedom and majesty of the Italian mountains is the perfect scenery to frame the brand’s Protecht Line. On the occasion of the launch of the new line, in fact, the brand has signed an interpretation of its heritage that is at the same time innovative and faithful to its original spirit, immortalizing it among the woods, streams and mountains of Lombardy.

If the experience of freedom and contact with nature are the new goal, having the best technical tools to fully experience the relationship with the surrounding environment is the new luxury. The original design of the Moon Boot, which was successful in the refined world of European àpres-ski scene, descends now into the world of hiking and techwear with the new Protecht silhouettes, which reinterpret the original design of the Moon Boot but project it in a more gorpcore and contemporary direction.

Mainly the updates are of a technical nature: like the rubberized nylon construction that makes all models perfectly waterproof, but also the tone-on-tone sole that gives an idea of minimalism and elegance. Precisely its amphibious nature, able to withstand both the land and the water, is reflected in the new aesthetic inspiration of the line, which makes hiking aesthetics and urban lifestyle coexist. A versatility also interpreted through the shots of the campaign, taken on film, to evoke the aesthetics of the 70s that accompanied the birth of the success of the brand, but decorated with contemporary artworks that talk about the trends of DIY fashion and the aesthetics of social networks.

As you can see from the breadth of the proposal, but also from the new dynamic spirit that animates the FW21 campaign, Moon Boot is preparing to conquer its share of gorpcore culture and assert all the weight of its heritage - a heritage that, over the years, has not lost any of its original freshness thanks to its fidelity to a design that is simply a classic. The important step taken by the brand with this collection and this campaign is also marked by the opening of the first Milanese location of Moon Boot in the heart of Brera, in via Borgonuovo 20 – a space whose appearance is still a secret but which, from the previews given by the brand, should be versatile and modular and constitute a blank canvas to express the new, playful creativity of Moon Boot and that will certainly be in charge of redefining and developing an entirely new brand experience.

Moon Boot's Protecht Collection is available online at the brand's website.

Photographer: Vincenzo Schioppa
Stylist: Giulia Revolo
Stylist assistant: Simona La Via
Digital: Cesare Maragnano
Digital Assistant: Gaia Mattioli
Set Design: Laura Tocchet
Set Design assistant: Luca Franchi
Grooming: Ginevra Pierin
Grooming assistant: Chiara Vitulo
Art Direction & Production: nss factory
Models: Maya - Guusje