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Casa del Maestro

The atelier of the painter Concetto Pozzati is now for rent on Airbnb

Casa del Maestro The atelier of the painter Concetto Pozzati is now for rent on Airbnb

Bologna is a beautiful city. With its qualities and its defects. With the large Piazza Maggiore surrounded by arcades, with its medieval and Renaissance buildings such as the Fountain of Neptune, the Towers of the Asinelli and the Basilica of San Petronio, with students crowding Via Zamboni and the scent of food that mixes with metropolitan noises. There are many souls and many are the secrets that hide its streets. A special one is enclosed in the heart of the Jewish Ghetto, behind a heavy wooden door. What is now a charming open space loft of more than 110sqm on the ground floor of a typical Bolognese building, until a few years ago study of one of the greatest painters of the last 100 years, Concetto Pozzati

Of course in this space consists of a kitchen and dining room, bathroom, living room and double bed that overlooks the patio there is every modern facility, from the refrigerator to the washing machine, from full HD TV to the latest generation of air conditioning, from wi-fi to courtesy kit, but the presence of the "corsair of painting", although discreet, whispered, you can breathe in the details. There are no eye-catching and eccentric design furniture, but revisited vintage furniture, pop paintings hanging on the walls and small objects that, resting on shelves and shelves, tell the cultural heritage of the man. The art books, the brushes, the paint jars with encrusted color stains are the echo of visceral love for his own "job", for art and, like the fragmented and beautiful shades of a kaleidoscope, they project glimpses of a fascinating past. It is up to those who stay here to choose whether to investigate and discover more about the man who gave birth to pop art in Italy or simply enjoy the comfort and unique atmosphere of this loft. Just a few clicks on Airbnb to start the journey. Where it will take you, you will decide to cross the threshold of this space in the heart of Bologna.