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Exclusive interview with Yousef

Something about Yousef's World

Exclusive interview with Yousef Something about Yousef's World

1. At the turn of the century, who is Yousef now?


I like to think im a seasoned and experienced dj, a fairly accomplished but still developing producer, a creative event organizer with my Circus events and have a growing understanding of running a record label with Circus Recordings. Personally i'm nearly the person I want to be, i'm honest, loyal and very hard working and still like to have fun and laugh a lot i'm happy to say.


2. Tell me about your latest album


A product of your environment was designed to push myself as a producer and develop my limitations and ideas. I wanted to tell a colourful story about all my musical influences and actually complete a project that was a full album and not just dj beats, each track is a composition. 


3. If you should describe yourself using one of the tracks produced in your career, what would it be?


That’s hard! Each track I make is reflective of a mood im in really, Im very proud of ‘come home’ and was able to write that when I was in a more reflective mood, whereas ‘my explanation’ is more fun and full of energy, both have many hidden layers, I guess similar to me. 


4. Technology has revolutionized both the way of producing a song is the way to play it to the public. The impact on music is good or bad?


It just the way it is. Life only moves forward and even though its hard to adapt we all must. People can be very short sighted about producing music. We make music with computers and software but is that not bad for those that compose and play an instrument. The irony of the ease of making music now its that there is actually an amazing amount of really great music out there, there is a lot but the quality is overall pretty good. The downside is its hard to actually make money from it, which is not great but music is not meant to be about making money anyway.


5. What not to do again in your path as a DJ?


For a few years after things broke for me I was slow to make as much music as I should of, I was travelling a taking it easy.. I could of worked harder but… I had a really fun time so I wouldn’t change it.


6. For a young dj / producer looking for affirmation you have any advice?


Commit to the music and always be the best you can. Don’t try to be anyone else, be inspired but others but always be yourself and never make or play a record you are proud of. Ever!



7. Do you love the White Island. Do you agree with me if I say that Ibiza is the final place where an artist will test the works produced in other parts of the world?


Of course I love Ibiza! Its been my other home since 1997. I wouldn’t agree that it’s the final place where you test music at all. Ibiza is amazing but the worlds best parties are not just in Ibiza anymore, they are in Brasil, Argentina, Korea and Liverpool. Ibiza is now more about money and less about spirit, music, freedom and even love.


8. Electronic music still has a face to show?


Yes, it evolves everyday!