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NFT and vintage pieces in the collabo between Gucci and Superplastic

Coming February to Gucci Vault

NFT and vintage pieces in the collabo between Gucci and Superplastic  Coming February to Gucci Vault

After announcing the collaboration via Twitter on December 19, Gucci and Superplastic, the leading company creating animated celebrities, toys and digital collectibles, have now unveiled more details on their rumored joint project. The partnership, titled “SUPERGUCCI”, will mark the luxury house's expansion into the world of NFTs and will be launched on February 1st via Gucci Vault.

Little is known about the capsule, what is certain is that, by starting a new type of collaboration in which physical and digital objects come together in an effort to "modernize fidelity", the collaboration will be divided into three parts. The partnership includes 10 exclusive NFTs, each of which will be accompanied by a physical ceramic sculpture, works of art that take inspiration from the distinctive floral motifs of Gucci's edgy aesthetic, reinterpreted by Superplastic's virtual influencers, as well as social network stars, Guggimon and Janky. The launch will also involve Gucci Vault, the luxury brand's experimental store, where to find refurbished vintage pieces and a selection of promising young designers, will join Web 3 in a one-of-a-kind retail experience. Apart from the Metaverse, the capsule is in fact enriched with physical vintage pieces from the Gucci archive that are completely "concrete" and which apparently will arrive in a single package for those who buy the NFT.

From crypto art, with the sale of the brand's first NFT inspired by the Gucci Aria fashion film, to limited edition accessories on Roblox and skins for Tennis Clash, Gucci is only at the beginning of a shrewd strategy to colonize the Metaverse. For the first time, however, through the first time with Superplastic, the brand has used a strategy in which the physical and virtual world meet for the first time in an all-encompassing capsule of both realities. From the NFT to show off in the Metaverse, to the vintage bag to wear on the street, a careful strategy to offer a complete experience to the buyer within a narrative in which even the skeptics of the Metaverse can feel represented.