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Gucci accessories arrive on "The Sims"

Even your Sims need style

Gucci accessories arrive on The Sims Even your Sims need style

Developer Grimcookies digitized Gucci's entire Off The Grid collection, originally presented with a campaign featuring Lil Nas X and Jane Fonda, and made them available for download on The Sims 4. A total of 15 items from the collection, including shoes, bags and hats, will be available for download within the game and it will be possible to make its characters wear it.

The arrival of Gucci accessories on The Sims 4 is not only driven by commercial motivations but marks the further advancement of the brand in the field of gaming and digital, seen for example in the introduction of augmented reality sneakers in the Gucci App but also with the collaboration with Fnatic esports team – a world that is apparently alien to the romantic-nostalgic aesthetic that Alessandro Michele has given to the brand, but that actually places it among the most advanced initiatives for that fusion between the world of fashion and gaming that is taking place in recent years.