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The worst of New York Fashion Week SS19

And something to save

The worst of New York Fashion Week SS19  And something to save

After London, Milan and Paris it's time to discover the New York Fashion Week.

Three days of fashion shows without big names and memorable collections force us to ask ourselves, as for the FW18 edition, whether it really makes sense to extend the fashion week even when designers and ideas are lacking.

It almost seems that the NYFW is invisible, crystallized in a sort of sterile version of Pitti Uomo, and that has not yet found identity, hype or appeal.

Among the 48 collections presented, here's won the prize for the most interesting proposals: Feng Chen Wang and her looks that mix different ideas and forms; the relaxed elegance declined in a beautiful color palette by Carlos Campos; the future nomads of Dyne.

From 2019 the appointment with the NYFW will be anticipated from July to the first week of June, in advance of the other of men's fashion weeks, hoping that this and the future sponsorship of Reebok will attract big fashion names and attention.

Will it work? We can not say it yet, the only thing left to do is presenting what we "save" from this poor NYFW.


Trendy & Cool Stuff

Painted Face: Abasi Rosborough, Dyne, Krammer Stoudt, Landlord, Thaddeus O’Neil, Taak 

Light Blue is the warmest color: David Hart, Feng Chen Wang, Parke and Ronen, Dyne, This is Sweden

Accessories: Feng Chen Wang, David Hart, Dyne, Thaddeus O’Neil

Strangest Collection: Alessandro Tricone

Trap lovers Collection: Dyne

Tres Chic Collection: Carlos Campos

Coolest Collection: Feng Chen Wang


Art & Design

David Hart - KNOLL interior

Gustav von Aschenbach - Basel School of Design (Armin Hofmann)

Bode – Aaron Aujla and Matt Kenny “Le Guéridon”

An Homage to

Feng Chen Wang – Bodily map of different emotions 

Landlord – Adventure Time

Dyne - Landscapes of the Pacific Northwest

Willy Chavarria - Maxine Waters

Carlos Campos – Miami Vice

Hecho – Yves Saint Laurent at Marrakech