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Piero Fornasetti - 100 anni di follia pratica

Triennale di Milano

Piero Fornasetti - 100 anni di follia pratica Triennale di Milano

An important birthday is celebrated by the Triennale of Milan: we're talking about the centenary of the birth of the eclectic Piero Fornasetti (10 November 1913).

Painter, printer, designer, decorator as well as gallery owner and designer of exhibitions: Fornasetti was an artist but also a pioneer of design, supporting aesthetics and ornament as structural parts of the project. To him a single idea was enough to inspirate an infinite number of creations (see as " Theme and Variations " have become the symbol of the artist) and this concept has inspired much of his work, that can count over 10,000 between objects and decorations.

To this great personality, extremely rich and complex, Triennale Design Museum dedicates the first inedited Italian exhibition: " Piero Fornasetti - 100 anni di follia pratica," a path that winds through the works of the crucial years of the artistic production of Piero Fornasetti, with over 700 pieces, mainly coming from the archive of his son, Barnaba.

A full immersion in the unique universe of Fornasetti, a journey that, like a pendulum, will take us for four months (November 13th, 2013 - February 9th, 2014) from the rigor of design, art and craft to the unbridled imagination, to the dreamy world and the poetic surrealism.