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The 12 most fascinating and original tree houses around the world

From the forest of ancient trees in South Africa to the mysterious and icy Lapland

The 12 most fascinating and original tree houses around the world From the forest of ancient trees in South Africa to the mysterious and icy Lapland

Tree houses hide something magical.

They are full of childhood memories, secret games and hidden treasures, but since modern architecture has understood the potential, they are also wonderful examples of design.

nss takes you around the world, from India to Finland to visit the 12 most fascinating and original tree houses.


Paarman Tree House, Cape Town, South Africa

A forest of centuries-old trees near Cape Town is the charming location chosen by the South African Malan Vorster studio for its tree house.

These are four cylindrical towers of glass and steel, wrapped by a shell of red cedar barrels.

Inside, the materials have also been left rough and, together with the contemporary furnishings, create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere.

The last level of the house is entirely occupied by a spectacular terrace overlooking the surrounding vegetation.


The Qiyun Mountain Tree House in Xiuning, Anhui, China

Not a real tree house, but one that traces the silhouette.

Designed by the architectural firm Studio Bengo, this building is located in the forest around the town of Xiuning, China and is made by overlapping seven small volumes, each of which has a different direction, just as if they were branches. They are rooms from six to nine square meters wide with glass walls (entrance hall, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, the living room and the terrace) that allow you to look at the beautiful panorama.


Woodsman's treehouse, West Dorset, England

This two-storey house on a circular plan, grafted onto the branches of a century-old oak tree, is immersed in the green of Dorset.

The Woodman's house is made entirely of wood, from the roof to the Tibetan bridge and inside it has a real tree that runs through the center.

Also it features a fireplace, outdoor shower, hammock, double bed, copper bath, a sauna on the top floor and a slide from which you can dive into the woods.


Secluded Intown Treehouse Atlanta, Georgia, US

The Secluded Intown Treehouse is a unique home built for Peter Bahouth, former executive director of Greenpeace.

Made entirely of wood and glass, with 3 rooms (bedroom, terrace and living room) connected by several wooden bridges, it seems straight out of a fairy tale.

Its romantic atmosphere helped make it the most popular Airbnb property in the world in 2016.


Urban Treehouse by Baumraum Zehlendorf, Berlin, Germany

In Zehlendorf, in the woods around Berlin, the Baumraum studio has created a series of accommodations that intertwine with plants and shrubs. Each property has an area of 28 square meters and large windows with glass panels that allow you to see the forest for miles. The decor is minimal and Scandinavian-inspired, dominated by wood and neutral colors.


Artic Tree House Hotel in Rovaniemi, Finland

Everything in Lapland seems to come out of a fairy tale.

It is in this enchanted and uncontaminated land on the edge of the world that the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel is located, an amazing structure consisting of a central building and 32 residential units.

Designed Puisto Studio, it allows you to admire the northern lights phenomenon, which colors the sky of many suggestive nuances.


The Mango Tree House, Bhopal, India

An elegant and welcoming home among mango trees that are more than 50 years old, designed by Ujjval Panchal + Kinny Soni.


Tree Snake House, North Portugal

The architects Luís Rebelo de Andrade and Tiago Rebelo de Andrade, with Modular System Company, have created a modular "treehouse" for the Parque de Pedras Salgadas in the north of Portugal.

Its original feature? The particular design of the strips and the wood of the base suggest a snake that slides between the trees.


The Treehouse by Baumraum

The Baumraum dream is to bridge the gap between economy and ecology.

From this was born the "The Treehouse" project, houses sprouting among the trees that mix green building and new technologies.


HP Tree House by mmp Architects, in Whitfield, Australia

On the slopes of Mount Whitfield in Cairns, in Queensland comes a simple, elegant, but charming and delicate home.

Made with wood grown in plantations and natural stone purchased locally, it is suspended above the forest floor.


Garden Tree House by Hironaka Ogawa & Associates, in Kagawa, Japan

Modernize without affecting a life of memories.

That's what the young architect Hironaka Ogawa managed to do by expanding an old house.

How? Incorporating within it two trees, one of zelkova and one of camphor.