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Cool Chit Chat - Luna Park's Fauna

When the worst nightmares come true

Cool Chit Chat - Luna Park's Fauna When the worst nightmares come true

When you are born in a little province of northern Italy you always have to fight to not be sucked in by the banality .

You are tottering between the desire to discover the world and the convenience to get lulled by this place. But there is who  appreciates this universe and  wallow happily , even if 25 years old or less.

I decided to immerse myself fully to understand what is behind everything .

Why not choose luna park?

Interface with the nightmare of his youth to understand the truth. Entering into the psyche of this kind of generation.

The setting of course was that of a foggy late afternoon .

Imagine me arrive with a microscopic 500 to park in a field covered with holes and going wavering between the more commercial music that exists.

After the first rides for the kids appear the thrills : Tagadà, Motherhorn, Cages Flying, Excite.

Here are crowded groups of teenagers festively decorated, there is no better situation for kennels. Here the average guy gives the best of itself.

I understand that you're not absolutely anyone if you do not wear a white sweatshirt with hood, possibly with pop print in fluorescent colors .

The tribes are distinguished by choices of shoes, those who are quite hipster (although no one here actually knows what they are ) wear the Vans, the most rap have Nike, if they are basketball is better. The most insipid wear the Blazers, but it is clear that they are not calculated from the rest of the crew. Does not cover other types of shoes. The approval is everything.

The jeans are the masterpiece of course, for males and females. The flaps do not go over and have devised a brilliant way to get your ankles discoveries: rotate the pant leg inward and upward so as to create a sort of tourniquet mid-calf. The effect of just - escaped - of - home is great. The most transgressive wearing sweatpants , strictly low-rise, leggings with horrible textures.

Caring for make up is meticulous, a trick that even Moira Orfei might envy. Thin eyebrows or draw, red lipsticks in error, eye shadows that even Clio would have all those colors, parabolic mascara, eye-liner in rivers and hair.. Hair, gentlemen, are the deluxe touch. For him, ridges and smoothing unlikely, even El Shaarawy couldn’t do better. For her, the plate is a must, with extreme smooth split ends related , it is also invading shatush these places with the worst possible outcome. The outsider abandon smooth for the frisée .

Woolen beanies worn as Smurfs and New Era backwards. All that is gone out of fashion for a very short here is revisited in a grotesque review in extreme trends.

Extra-loud dance music , smoke machines , strobe lights , cotton candy and cigarettes.

My senses are saturated, I decided to go between the dirty looks .

What can I expect ? I wear a tweed jacket.