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Gucci and Dior dominate Lyst's ranking for the second quarter of 2021

Heritage and digital are the two new forces of fashion

Gucci and Dior dominate Lyst's ranking for the second quarter of 2021 Heritage and digital are the two new forces of fashion

The picture of the fashion world painted by Lyst's report for the second quarter of 2021 paints a picture in some ways static and in others in the strong movement. Analyzing the list of the most sought-after brands in the world, which has not substantially varied too much compared to last quarter, you can see a powerful comeback of classic heritage brands and a demotion of streetwear with Off-White™ which even loses three places and slips to the thirteenth position. Gucci and Dior remain in the lead, with Nike losing one position and slipping to third place. Among the other noteworthy factors that emerged from the report are also remarkable advancements in genderless fashion, which has brought Fendi's Baguette Bag and Thom Browne's pleated skirt to the ranking of the most desired men's products for the first time ever.

Collaborations, ambassadors, sustainability & digital

The return of popularity of traditional heritage brands, which now predominate in the list of the 10 most sought-after brands online, is linked to a more traditional type of marketing strategy, namely the one that includes high-profile collaborations and the use of ambassadors capable of driving the brand's products with their own following through campaigns with a stellar cast. Among the main examples are Gucci's Gucci Beloved campaign with Harry Styles, James Corden, Serena Williams, and Diane Keaton; the advertising of the Dior perfume starring the transgender dancer Jin Xing and the BTS that appear on the Louis Vuitton catwalk; but also Romeo Beckham in the last campaign of Saint Laurent. In other cases, brands such as Nike and Givenchy, have gained a boost in popularity and research after appearing on Saturday Night Live guests, Kid Cudi, and Elon Musk respectively. Another important driving force for the brands were the collaborations: from The Hacker Project by Gucci and Balenciaga, passing through Dior x Sacai, the one between Balenciaga and Crocs, or the one between Moncler and Craig Green

Another fundamental point, although secondary to the collaborations and the pure star power of celebrities in the campaigns and on the red carpet, was sustainability: Nike, which is third in position, presented an Air VaporMax 2021 composed of 40% recycled materials; Prada, which is fifth, presented the second edition of Sea Beyond with IOC-UNESCO; Burberry, in twelfth place, was the first brand to commit to becoming climate positive by 2040 while Valentino, which occupies the fifteenth position, announced that it will become fur-free. In addition, digital continues to be an area of rapid evolution and full of potential for the fashion industry, both in terms of marketing and brand building. During the quarter, Gucci enjoyed huge popularity on the Roblox gaming platform; Bottega Veneta has consolidated its communication strategy through the publication of an online magazine with Travis Scott as a guest star; Oliver Rousteing of Balmain starred in a Netflix documentary; Burberry has announced a partnership with the game Blankos Block Party as Prada, along with LVMH and Cartier, launches into blockchain with the Aura Blockchain Consortium.

TikTok and genderless fashion

Gen Z is reconfirmed as one of the driving wheels of fashion, with different trends born among young and very young people that became very relevant during the quarter and then spread, in many cases also adopted by older consumers. Gen Z's ability to target trends ranges from specific items, such as the Nike Air Force One that become the most sought-after female product of the quarter, to aesthetic integers such as softcore and mermaidcore. A great many of these trends originate on TikTok and social media before spreading into the mainstream. Another trend, for example, is that of rubber and resin footwear, with demand increasing by 214% quarter on quarter. For example, the collaboration between Balenciaga and Crocs went viral in June, while Gucci rubber sandals entered the list of the most sought-after women's products while, among men's products, the Yeezy Slide is the most sought-after product of the quarter. 

On the men's side, however, there has been a rise in gender-fluid fashion with Thom Browne's pleated skirt and Fendi's Baguette bag appearing on the list of the hottest men's products and searches related to agender fashion increased by 46% during the quarter. While a gradual return to normality, also thanks to the advance of the summer season, comes from the increase in searches related to sunglasses increased by 198%, with Dior and Off-White glasses on the head™. In terms of footwear, however, the most minimal sneakers such as Prada's PRAX-01 and Nike's Killshot OG SP join Gucci's Horsebit moccasin among the most sought-after items.