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The new 5 Moncler Genius Craig Green collection

A capsule that plays on contrasts and celebrates the newfound freedom of nature

The new 5 Moncler Genius Craig Green collection A capsule that plays on contrasts and celebrates the newfound freedom of nature

Among the designers who contributed to the expansion and success of the Moncler Genius project, the name of Craig Green certainly stands out, the British designer who returns to collaborate with Moncler for the SS21 season

For the Spring/Summer collection, Green has developed a language that takes inspiration from the elements of nature. The capsule collection 5 Moncler Genius Craig Green is a forward-looking take on clothing for the outdoors and for the mountains. This is central to the new collection, which is designed for the lighter season and stems from a reflection on how our relationship with being outdoors has changed over the last year. Even the mere act of being in nature, nowadays, feels transformative: the collection celebrates this renewed freedom of connection with the elements, embracing the possibilities within the natural world to propel us forward. 

A new monogram shapes the identity of the collection: its thick coiling lines have a zoomorphic effect, imparting the impression of a platypus or a frog – but left intentionally ambiguous. Smooth and flowing, the monogram represents symmetrical structures in nature and harmony with the environment. This amphibious and waterly ego is realized in the form of sculptural rafts based around the monogram that is the symbol of 5 MONCLER CRAIG GREEN.

Craig Green pushes a pragmatic take on garment-making and a keen reflection on function through an intensely imaginative vision. Keeping practicality and wearability firmly in mind, he devises items that are engaging and suggestive whilst favouring shapes connected to the realms of utility and uniform. Zip-up windbreakers and jackets come in lightweight cotton and nylons. Uniform jackets are cut in sturdy cotton and paired with chinos. The choice of fabrics is iconic for Moncler and includes matt, shiny, ripstop nylons, in a palette of muddy tones with highlights of red, yellow, orange, tangerine, electric blue. Different quilting patterns merge on cropped blousons, long parkas and shirt jackets. Sneakers, monogrammed bags and wallets complete the collection. The collection revolves around the idea of contrasts: transparent/opaque, quilted/plain, matt/shiny, water/land. Embracing both, but finding the balance in between. 

5 MONCLER CRAIG GREEN is available in Moncler boutiques, and in selective wholesale networks worldwide.