Derriere Heritage has always made denim its key element, turning it into the staple item from which to start building a long lasting and interesting style. In particular, the Heritage label represents the part of the collection most connected to the heritage of the brand, to the legacy of denim and its wearability, always going for the highest quality of the product. 

Now the brand founded by Stefano Grasso is ready to unveil the next chapter in the history of the fashion house with the SS20 collection entitled Anyone

Anyone SS20 wants to prove that streetwear can be transversal without excesses, focusing on the product with passion and experience. The starting point is always the denim, the origin of my DNA, to then reach its most hidden and unexpected declinations. What was essential was not forgetting the real raw soul that characterizes us. Stefano Grasso 

The SS20 collection announces as a capsule made of basic but nevertheless powerful items, ready to be worn in different ways according to the personality and the attitude of the wearer. 


Derriere Heritage will unveil it SS20 Anyone collection to the audience on Friday, June 21st at the Riot Concept Store in Naples. The event is on invite only, while the after show is open to the public, all you have to do is register here

Stay tuned on nss magazine for the reportage of the event.