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The most hyped Hollywood runaways of our time

Here our favorite

The most hyped Hollywood runaways of our time  Here our favorite

Young and charming, real celebs, actors, comedians, fashion victims but, above all, careless about fashion. They're handsome but don't know it...or maybe. They are beautiful and damned but what makes them unique is that street look with which they are constantly shoted, imperfectly from a fashion point of view but 100% suitable for any public occasion. Whether it is studied or not, it does not matter, the over jeans, the broken sandals and the hoods have the right style to identify them as the most tendy in Hollywood.

Identikit: the average ran-away-from-home type of guy has a natural inclination for hype, loves to wear ugly sandals, hoodies with holes, baseball caps at every hour of the day (even the same model 24/7), but manages to still look fancy and sloppy at the same time. He doesn't care about looking perfect (and clean) in front of the paparazzi, but he'd rather hide behind a hoodie or a pair of black sunglasses and let himself go with freeing "disapproval gestures" and escapes. 

Despite everything, they are the most contended, shot and desidered. The phenomenon of the ran-away-from-home men affects celebs whose main characteristic is ignoring the fact of being one of them. These are our favourites. 


Shia LaBeouf 

Ok, we must admit it, this is not a surprising choice but, nevertheless, he deserves to conquer the first position, the award for the most unpredictable, crazy, unstoppable and fashionable man around. Equipped with a thick beard and Crocs, he wanders the streets of the Big Apple with that "I don't give a damn" attitude, which made him one of most beautiful and dashed men in America. Between a brawl and a protest against the istitutions, Shia knows how to capture attention. 

Pete Davidson

Ariana Grande's better half is the young Saturday Night Live comedian. Born in 1993, he's about to get married with the beautiful popstar, but what made him worthy of this list are the great number of tattoos on his body, funny and sometimes quite weird (like the one inspired by a Big Sean's song, Ariana's ex boyfriend) and his sporty-sloppy look. Platinum blond hair, oversized tee and a black Supreme cross-body bag. 


Ethan Cutkosky

Gallager's fifth child Carl in the famous Shameless Tv series is played by the young American actor Ethan Cutkosky. Even though he's just 19 years old, he already manged to stand out thanks to his super street style: from the extra large Chicago Bulls jersey, to the infinite number of caps he shows off on his Instagram profile. 

The cherry on top? His new clothing line Khaotic Collective, which focuses mainly on pversize hoodies, is already sold out on the official site. 

Fan Fact: have you ever noticed his resemblance with rapper Lil Xan



Charlie Heaton

From Shameless we're moving on to another award-winning Tv series, Stranger Things. Weathered face, prominent facial features and hair "styled by the wind". His best friend is a cigarette and being photographed by a paparazzi or for Gucci is the same thing for him. Between little drug problems and an aesthetically opposed girfriend (porcelain doll Natalia Dyer), Charlie is definitely on of the most hype runaways type of guys. 



Jonah Hill

Without a doubt the breakout of the year. We've reported on his crazy love for Palace and on how he's one of the biggest fans of tie dye (along with Mr West). Not enough to be featured in this list? Add his upcoming film based on skate culture and his new pink hairdo. Over and out. 


Jaden Smith 

Will's son stands out for three reasons: 

1. He's clearly obsessed with the merch of his album SYRE (which he wore even during the last GRAMMY Awards); 

2. His look is super hype: golden teeth, artsy ripped G-Star RAW jeans with patches; 

3. Accompanied by his actor-girlfriend Odessa Adlon, he's always pictured in super cool looks. 


Mac Miller

Sandals with socks, Japanese kimonos, bowling shirts, caps and visors on repeat. Mac, American rapper who just released his latest album SWIMMING, knows a thing or two about style and manages to combine his chaotic, rebel and most of the times messy personality with always flawless outftits.