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5 art-accounts to follow on Instagram

Stay creative, Stay foolish

5 art-accounts to follow on Instagram Stay creative, Stay foolish

If you’re bored of your monotonous and monothematic Instagram feed, we have the solution for you. We selected the five best artistic accounts of the month to awaken your creativity and inspire you also in the darkest days of winter.


#1 @venusmansion - The deliciously kitsch account of Korean artist Lee Sol, predominantly created with 3-D renderings which boasts a distinctly strong colour palette: Sol's work brings together classical iconography and everyday objects with a surreal and theatrical effect.

#2 @juergentellerpage - The account created by the fans of the iconic German fashion photographer, who shot the campaigns of Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood and Céline, just to tell some.

#3 @diego_cusano - Italian illustrator, fantasy researcher, combines objects and subjects taken from the world of cinema, history and art. His page and creativity are constantly growing and are worth the attention of all those seeking inspiration.

#4 @tyler_spangler - Visionary artist who picks up ordinary images, empties them of their original function and turns them into deformed objects, almost gone through a process of mental hallucination.

#5 @jesuso_ortiz - Artist from Cordoba extremely pop and colorful, with a geometrically clean and brightly colored style, which stimulates the eye to look for contrast and balance in all of his artistic compositions.