Swatch, the "rebel" brand that revolutionized the Swiss Made watchmaking, also wanted to surprise and exaggerate, creating a perfect setting for the official launch of the new #SwatchBIGBOLD collection. The 6 models gave a touch of colorful and strong character to an interactive space, the ideal representation of the set of the new advertising campaign for BIG BOLD: we enjoyed live customization performances of some Swatch objects and accessories, we immersed ourselves in a swimming pool full of colored balls, we pose in front of a flaming vintage Cabriolet or a huge sign placed outside the location ... so BIG, so BOLD! A collection with a resolutely contemporary style, in harmony with the identity of the Swiss brand in its desire to innovate and surprise, and with a very “streetwear” DNA. Great guests of the evening, DJs Mdee and Youssef Giga, but above all Gully Guy Leo, model, influencer and musician of international renown.


The vivacity of the Milanese youth culture has token part the ideals of Swatch thanks to the BIG party and its BOLD spirit, an attitude that leads to emerge for marked qualities such as talent and courage.

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