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What good could come of Kanye West becoming president in 2020?

Future candidates, stand aside

What good could come of Kanye West becoming president in 2020? Future candidates, stand aside

Since announcing his run for presidency in 2020 back in August 2015, a number of questions have arisen about Mr West’s suitability for the position and what might actually happen if he was elected as ‘leader of the free world’. I mean, come on, if Donald Trump is in with a chance of winning the election in 3 weeks’ time, then, what rules out Ye.

Think that he’s worthy of your vote? Read on to find out what could be a possible outcome if Kanye is elected in 2020.



Kanye West has been on many fashion ventures in his time: from collaborations with brands like APC to full-length runway shows, so could you imagine the man bringing out a line of presidential merchandise? There’s nothing wrong with it! Can you imagine the scenes? Every hypebeast and their brothers would be queuing up to get their hands on it to flip it on eBay for three times retail.



Politicians are always moaning on about how young people need to get involved in politics, well, what would be a better way to connect them than to let Kanye West take the reins in the Oval Office? Seriously, Kanye is a very smart and charismatic man, he wouldn’t struggle to influence people and educate them on important issues such as education and healthcare. Might as well give the man a chance.



I mean, we’ve all seen how Kanye behaves in interviews. He’s been interviewed by Zane Lowe a couple of times now and he appeared on Sway In The Morning, these interviews don’t come without his outbursts. Do you remember "leather jogging pants" or "You ain’t got the answers Sway"? Just imagine that against a candidate he’s running against; not very presidential. But, these outbursts just show his passion and what he believes in so maybe it’s not all bad.



Kanye started off in music and then as his career went on he began to experiment with the fashion industry. Despite his failures he managed to create one of the most successful sneaker lines in recent history and contributed to bringing up adidas’ sales figures. We all know how passion Ye is about fashion and culture, so we could safely assume that more funding and time would go into these dedicated areas.



Finally, when Barack Obama was elected as the first black president back in 2008 the tides turned. Just imagine what would happen if an African-American rapper, with no political background was elected as president? That would be one of the biggest feats in American history! It would really send the message that anything is achievable.

We might as well roll with it, he can’t be much worse than Donald Trump.