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The first collaboration between IKEA and LEGO

The BYGGLEK collection will be available from October

The first collaboration between IKEA and LEGO The BYGGLEK collection will be available from October

A few days after debuting the new catalogue set in the world of Animal Crossing, IKEA presents its latest project, born from the collaboration with LEGO. The two companies have joined forces to create BYGGLEK: a series of containers equipped with "studs" (the circular buttons that allow the interlocking of LEGO® pieces) and an exclusive set of LEGO bricks. Announced more than a year ago, the new BYGGLEK collection is a hybrid object halfway between a container and a toy for children, designed to make more funny the organization of the house. The project, which marks the first, epic collaboration between two companies, was born from the belief that play is the only tool capable of developing both the creativity of children and adults and invites families to give more space to play in everyday life.

The BYGGLEK series consists of four products: a set of three small containers, two sets of larger containers and a set of LEGO bricks, compatible with the LEGO Play System. The goal is simple: don't force children to destroy their own creations to put the bricks back when it is time to stop their play. It doesn't matter where they are placed: since the BYGGLEK boxes are equipped with LEGO studs both on the lid and on the front side, in fact, even the container becomes an integral part of the LEGO constructions and children can keep their creations inside the boxes, or display them on the lids.

At IKEA we have always believed in the importance of play. It allows us to explore, experiment, dream and make new discoveries," says Andreas Fredriksson, designer at IKEA of Sweden. “What adults call 'disorder' is a creative environment full of stimuli for children. BYGGLEK bridges these two points of view, promoting creative play in homes around the world. Not only. The BYGGLEK collection can be perfectly coordinated with other IKEA products: in this way the creativity of the little ones becomes an original decorative element for the home.

The BYGGLEK collection will be available in IKEA's retail channels in Europe (except Russia) and North America starting in October. The launch will continue in other countries during 2020. In Italy the collection will be on sale from October 2nd, 2020.