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Prophecy is Hyundai's new concept car

Electric and with a "sensous sportiness" design

Prophecy is Hyundai's new concept car Electric and with a sensous sportiness design

Hyundai has unveiled its new zero-emission electric concept car. Set to be launched at this year's Geneva Motor Show, later cancelled due to the pandemic, Prophecy is an all-black coupé with a sinuous, dynamic design inspired by the vintage models of the 1920s and 1930s, evoking the curved lines of a stone polished by the weather. 

An integrated transparent spoiler installed at the rear gives it a sporty look and increases the load at high speeds, while the propeller wheels reduce air resistance. A series of square pixel-shaped headlamps, which not only function as direction indicators but also show the level of remaining battery life, illuminates the bodywork. The same acrylic material of the aileron is used for both the camera monitoring system and the headlights. 

Prophecy does not follow trends. It accentuates timeless beauty that will stand the test of time. Its iconic design stands to expand Hyundai’s design spectrum toward even broader horizons.

Said SangYup Lee, Head of the Hyundai Global Design Center, while Luc Donckerwolke, Chief Design Officer of Hyundai Motor Group added more details about the new car:

The Prophecy concept will have a big influence on our products of the future. A car that, like those of the 1950s, is immediately recognisable whether you look at it from the profile, front or rear. 90% of the controls can be operated via the two joysticks, although for safety reasons we also have pedals if necessary. Inside the passenger compartment all the materials used are eco-friendly, starting with the fabrics, to minimize the impact on the environment.

One of the Prophecy's most innovative features is the two joysticks that replace on the inside of the steering wheel, but among the technological solutions adopted by the new Hyundai Prophecy, there is also an infotainment system, integrated into a large screen that extends all the way to the front. All you need to do is recline the seats, turn the dashboard upwards and, thanks to the innovative device, the car turns into a space in which to relax and watch the contents projected onto the display. The choice of interior colours and ambient lighting is also designed to create a relaxed and comfortable feeling. 

The latest project by the Korean company also features clean air technology that purifies the air entering the passenger compartment through an integrated circular system inspired by the natural water cycle.