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5 things to do for the Milan weekend

From March 15th to 17th

5 things to do for the Milan weekend From March 15th to 17th

Are you ready? A weekend full of events it's coming to Milan. First of all, we must celebrate St. Patrick Day, one of the most popular festivities among young people, you'll only need a funny group of friends and a good craft beer in your hand to spend a perfect evening without worries. Then you can focus on your afternoon's relax and on your Sunday's vintage shopping.

Here are the 5 best events that you can not miss!


To Shop - Denim Weekend 

This weekend, Porta Venezia East Market SHOP celebrates the denim, the unconditional love for an item that must be in every wardrobe. Here you will find your perfect pair of jeans with the help of the expert staff. From classic Levi's vintage to customized models.

1 jeans: 55€
jeans: 100€
3 jeans: 140€

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th
From 10:30 to 20:00 
Via Ramazzini 6


To Club - St. Patrick’s Day 2019 w/ Jameson

Celebrate your St. Patrick's Day with Jameson Irish Whiskey. In the afternoon there will be a special block party on the Navigli with live concerts, vertical DJ sets and (obviously) excellent whiskeys. Subsequently, at the Superstudio in Tortona, there will be an event open to the public with many special guests, Bassi Maestro, the Irish punk-folk band Bock & The Sailors and finally the DJ-set of Andrea Mazzentini.

Saturday 16th 
Event at 18:30 in Via Corsico 
Event at 22:00 @ Superstudio in via Tortona 27
(free signing on Eventbrite)


To Eat - Tàscaro

Sandra Tasca presents in the middle of Porta Venezia her little Venetian culinary refuge. Aperitifs with Spritz with Select, Leone or Aperol, Venetian cicheti, tascari and many other typical foods to try. 

Via Giuseppe Sirtori, 6
Friday 12–15, 18–00 / Saturday 11–00 / Sunday closed 


To Discover - "Surrogati. Un amore ideale"


Curated by Melissa Harris, this exhibition presents in a deep, sophisticated and modern way the concept of motherhood and sexuality using only some inanimate objects. The protagonists, in fact, are dolls, the reborn, fake newborns designed and usually purchased to satisfy the human desire for motherhood, and some artificial dolls used to fill a sentimental and sexual void. 42 photographs taken by Jamie Diamond and Elena Dorfman that represents people and surrogates while they spend everyday life together, in a completely spontaneous and 'normal' way.

Friday 14-20; Saturday/Sunday 11-20
Osservatorio Fondazione Prada, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Tickets: from € 15 to € 12.


To Chill - Regardez Moi-The Backstage Chronicles

Frah Quintale's Regardez Moi tour becomes a photographic exhibition. At Tempio del Futuro Perduto Undamento will organize a special event to show the backstage of the musical journey conducted by one of the most influential Italian musical talents. From car trips to hotel stops and live shows. And then talks, live music, DJ set and aperitif.

Friday 15th 
@ Tempio del Futuro Perduto
Exhibition from 16:00 
Evening event (from 9:00 pm): € 10, tickets can be purchased inside the exhibition