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5 things to do this in Milan weekend

From 6 to 8 May

5 things to do this in Milan weekend From 6 to 8 May

Like every year, spring plays the trick of appearing and disappearing at the most inopportune moments, such as the weekend. Locked up in our offices looking at sunny views during the days of work, we hoped to be able to treat ourselves to a football match in Parco Sempione at the weekend, but it's not to be. So, to lend you a helping hand in surviving Milan in the rain without coming close to depression, here is our faithful guide to a fun and carefree weekend, even if it is indoors.


To Eat - Osteria Fiorentina

Osteria Fiorentina deserves credit for bringing a little bit of Tuscany to Milan: from the menu items to the decor of the dining room, from the friendliness and welcome of the staff to the prints on the walls. A simple but varied menu, combined with fresh and ever-changing dishes of the day: this is what makes Osteria Fiorentina one of the favourite traditional restaurants in the Tortona District, where you can enjoy the real ribollita or pappa al pomodoro.

Via Tortona, 28


To Discover - Space/Territory: a dialogue with Vincenzo Agnetti

The Archivio Vincenzo Agnetti presents in Milan from 3 May to 15 July the exhibition Spazio/Territorio curated by Giorgio Verzotti, inaugurating a new cycle entitled "Andata e Ritorno" (Return) to compare the works of Agnetti with those of artists of subsequent generations with the aim of exploring how they consider the conceptual scope of his work and how it can be reinterpreted in the light of today's cultural needs.

Via Machiavelli, 30


To Chill - Neuroeconomics by Yngve Holen

Yngve Holen at Spazio Maiocchi in Milan continues the artist's decades-long exploration of the post-human intertwining of bodies and objects in consumer culture. At once humorous and analytical, Holen's practice is a cutting commentary on contemporary consumption. Working primarily with sculpture and installation, the artist delves into a wide range of modern industries - from automobiles, food production and robotic science to plastic surgery and aviation - to investigate how technologies shape our desires and fantasies. 

Via Achille Maiocchi, 7


To Club - Amnesia 

At Amnesia, the weekend reserves an authentic test of endurance that lasts for hours and hours and is accessible to a limited number of DJs: the NEVERDOGS, in console on Saturday 7 May with the #BackToBeHuman event, will challenge everyone to dance as long as possible in a night of fun.

Via Alfonso Gatto


To Shop - Groupies

A non-conformist corner of paradise beloved of young people in the throes of teenage rebellion: streetstyle straight out of the '90s and '0s between Y2K and urbanwear. With printed short-sleeved shirts, PVC jewellery straight out of our childhood manga dreams, this is the perfect place for non-conformists.

Via Gian Giacomo Mora, 7