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Puma sales up

Thanks to Rihanna & Kylie Jenner

Puma sales up Thanks to Rihanna & Kylie Jenner

In the digital era, choosing the right testimonial can be the key to increase the profits of a brand. This is what has happened to Puma, which revealed these days the data regarding its sales in 2015.

The brand's profits have increased 7.3% (nearly 975 million dollars) mainly due to the products dedicated to women and the contribution of Kylie Jenner, testimonial of the new Puma Fierce, and Rihanna, creative director of the brand since December 2014. Footwear has been the main growth driver, headed by the Fenty by Puma line signed by the pop star. After Yeezy success, the formula for success in the fashion industry in 2016 seems increasingly tied to the entertainment industry – and a good use of social media.