Since Raf Simons left Dior – on October 22nd, 2015 – the fashion business started wondering about the destiny of the French house, but mostly about where the designer would have gone after it.

Even if among the reasons expressed by Simons at his exit from Dior there was the volunty of focusing more on his eponymous line and on his outside-work passions, no one really took into consideration the possibility he was about to fosus only on that.

A series of predictions started to spread among the fashion insiders and, considering the designer suggested he wasn’t stimulated by the city of Paris anymore, a thought towards the main foreign brands came quite naturally.

Among these names there was Calvin Klein, one of the leaders of the fashion made in NYC. It’s easy to notice that Simons’ graphic and essential style is highly akin to the one of the brand of the CK. Internal sources to Calvin Klein haven’t confirmed nor denied, affirming that “if they wanted the designer, they would have made a proposal way before”, without waiting for him to exit Dior.

An interest of the American brand towards the Belgian designer is ascertained, what is to understand now is if the House is actually ready to turn the triad composed by Francisco Costa (women’s wear creative director) Italo Zucchelli (men’s wear creative director) and Ulrich Grimm (shoes and accessories) upside down.

One thing is certain: the recent events make us strongly believe that the change at the creative head of a brand has extremely positive implications, both in terms of image and marketingCalvin Klein is an historic and solid brand, but recently it hasn’t been able to create “it” pieces or to revolutionize its codes.

Even if both parts are still quite mysterious, we hope this new partnership will actually happen, and that Calvin Klein will go back to its splendour of the 90s.

Raf Simons at Calvin Klein? | Image 0