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Josefin Strid SS14 Collection


Josefin Strid SS14 Collection Babe

The Swedish designer Josefin Strid moves the boundary between male and female, creating a unisex and transverse style, creating, a collection after the other, clothes that go beyond any definition of gender. Fusing together elements of men's tailoring, street and sports and unconventional materials with slim volumes, has developed a sophisticated and contemporary brand.

Babe, spring-summer collection, inspired by hip hop evolves, becomes the basis for a sophisticated style. Clean lines, clean and slightly rounded cuts together with the use of raglan sleeves are details that combine to provide a cleaning, a neutrality that transcends boundaries of style and distinction between male and female fashion. Bomber jackets, jumpsuits, hoodies, shirts are mixed together continuing a process undertaken with the previous work, but now they become real evolution. Josefin Strid succeeds with grace and naturalness to combine streetwear and that minimalism that is inherent in the DNA of every Scandinavian designer.