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Cool Chit Chat - The terror named smoking

Tips for men

Cool Chit Chat - The terror named smoking Tips for men

There is a dramatic step in every man’s life: the day he has to start to get dressed by himself. Mama is no longer going to put clothes on your bed and you have to decide by yourself. A lot of guys deal successfully with this problem, but someone is not able to survive. Often this moment occurs when you degree: in this occasion you must leave your jeans and your t-shirt on your wardrobe and look for a dress that fits with this important event.

But the real problem is when you are invited to an elegant party that requires a dark nightdress. You don’t know what to do, you have no idea about what to put on to go properly to the party. Maybe you also think that it’s better to stay at home watching TV.

No, don’t do this! Don’t worry guys, because the fashion system helps you with a wide range of solutions. You just have to understand that there is a specific kind of dress for each occasion.

Tuxedo. Mandatory to wear it after 6 pm. It is required if you are planning to go to the casino or to the theater. You must close it with the botton. The best colors are black and blue midnight, but there are different kind of nuances you can choose, You can add a papillon to your outfit. If on your invitation is written black tie, the smoking is mandatory.

Frac. Look inside your grandpa’s wardrobe: maybe you are so lucky to find something interesting about this item. You have to wear it with the white tie (specified on the invitation). Avoid it if you are going to a wedding, but look for it if you think you are going to win the Nobel Prize. It is different from the smoking because there are swallowtail on its back. If you want you can put cufflink.

Tight. Put it on you in each wedding you decide to participate. There is just one button on the jacket, and it’s quite onger on the back. You can use it by day and the best known version in the half-tight, without taisl on the back.

Suit. Every man should have one of these. It is versatile, often cheaper than the others and you can wear it also go working. It is basically composed by 2 pieces, but you can also wear a gilet with it. There is a wide range of color you can choose among, but we suggest you dark tonalities, in order to wear it as much as possible.

We advice you to start buying something you can use whenever you are supposed to be elegant: in this way you are not going to stand desperately in front of your wardrobe for hours and hours. Moreover, is compulsory to pay attention to details like finishing, especially if you decide to search your first dress in a fast fashion store: this can be a good way to start to fill up your elegant wardrobe, but remind that nothing is appreciate like a tailored dress. Do not expect us to solve all your problems in this few lines, we just try to give you some basic information in order to prepare you.

Keep in mind: be (or pretend to be) self-confident and feel like at home: women love elegant man! Otherwise just drink a couple of cocktail and smile.

Women, would you like to wear tuxedo right now?