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Trend Alert - Culottes

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Trend Alert - Culottes Cool Chit Chat

Seasonal change made. Discomfort felt: high.

We know that when you open those two doors cabinet disappointment climbs. You have nothing to put on, or rather, you do not have anything new to wear. We understand and do not underestimate your psychosis.

Vital need for novelty. It is essential to stimulate the creativity of new combinations, take a dip in a style misunderstood.

Of all the trends this season we found a leader who most likely do not have and that you will buy after you have finished reading here. The culottes.

Not the  underwear, forget buttocks toned shadows and cameras. It speaks of the must-have summer pants. High-waisted, wide and a light fabric and cool.

If you keep your legs together they look like a skirt, arriving in the middle of the calf, a convenience embarrassing.

Combined in any way you see on mileage models, crop tops, blouses, shirts and t-shirts. High or low shoes, sneakers, wedges, heels or ballet flats. And they are from God.

For normal-women the story is a bit ' different. The length in half calf crushes a lot, the effect of child - with - huge - pants is just around the corner, it is advisable to wear them with heels or wedges . Just to raise the prospect of a few centimeters and harmony.

For the top do not recommend measures jackets or over, the crop top is perfect, you have to imagine wearing the breeches to cover the navel, then leave uncovered a small strip of skin to the top. So you escape from a cold colic but  get a slim figure .

Like any self-respecting trend it is necessary to interpret it in the right way , play with the asymmetries and exit from the usual . Never overdo it.

Be wise, wear culottes.