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Mini models - Faces from the future

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Mini models - Faces from the future Cool Chit Chat

Little Miss Sunshine? No, this is not the horrifying American beauty contests, children with plastic smiles and gravity-defying hairstyles. Here we talk about supermodels in power. The Kate MossTyra BanksMaria Carla Boscono in the future. But now they’re ten. 

An avalanche of questions and controversy dates back to the mind, a healthy environment is the fashion? Children dressed as children? Children dressed as adults? Child pornography? 

Questions correct, which we leave to resolve associations such as Model Alliance, which with the help of Coco Rocha are moving a battle for the rights of models against exploitation and violence. 

Moving away from the moral dilemmas, the real question is: which of them will become serious about a supermodel? 

We dug in the way of baby modeling just to be able to say we told you so. 

Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau, born in 2001, and has already stirred the highest offices of the fashion system. Carine Roitfeld has authorized the publication of a service that portrayed her in super sexy poses, a scandal that forced her to resign. Controversy aside, the French girl has talent to spare. Brigitte Bardot’s allure and proportions to that promise too well. 

We move to Russia and meet Piminova Kristina, born in 2005 in Moscow. A doll that has experience to sell, she is working since she was 3 years old. Tons of followers on any social network, it seems that the road to success is paved with gold for her. 

Anastasia Bezrukova is another Soviet success, with his 10 year old can already boast of being cover girl countless times. Ice-blue eyes and perfect face. 

We could continue with Kristina Pakarina, Alina Yasheva and Evelina Voznesenskaya, all Russian, microscopic and famous. 

Who among them will grow in the right way? Will they make it as a supermodel? 

The time will give us an answer. 

To the side while we tracked Romeo Beckham his campaign for Burberry. The potential is there, but we can not exclude a help of mommy and daddy already included….