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Normcore - AKA burn your creativity

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Normcore - AKA burn your creativity Cool Chit Chat

The hipster’s sunset has arrived. There are rumors in the fashionistas substrates, a new trend is in the air :


The first to theorize was Miss Duncan on the New York Magazine, noting how the streets of Soho she couldn’t distinguish a tourist from a citizen. The blank is spreading epidemic, perhaps as a response to the times of crisis or chronic laziness. End of refinement hipster t-shirt and long life of health. The "badly dressed" is beginning to triumph without a real motivation to become a justification of style. The denial of the trend that is trendy .

Just do a search on Instagram and we realize that the perfect disciple of the outfit consists of:

- super basic T -shirt, possibly given by some sponsors.

- Pile four seasons (perfect for any eventuality climate ).

- Sandals or Crocs.

- Baggy sweatshirt.

- Jeans with a high and 90s  waist cut.

- white and insipid sneakers.

- Socks sponge .

- Pouch .

For the editors of Elle America seems all a farce, a desire to play with the banality or rather a natural evolution of the trend, that after the resumption of the '70s and '80s falls on the choice of the 90s. And in fact it would be enough to reopen the wardrobe of parents to embrace the essence of normcore style.

Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg will become the new icons of style, as if the substance had left by the appearance. The unhealthy habit of judging a person from clothing could be set aside under the hegemony of a basic t -shirt, we give more weight to content.

Philosophical dissertations aside, it is clear that true fashionists - addicted after the first horrorific sensantion- will do just this new trend. Brands help us: American Apparel, Adidas , Nike, Supreme, as well GCDS and Givenchy.

From here to the luxury-basic step is really short , t -shirts and sweatshirts screaming logos and basic become Stan Smith sneakers , jackets and jeans from the vintage feel, and piles…no salvation for piles.