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Even Vestiaire Collective uses artificial intelligence

And unlock new markets with the help of a translator

Even Vestiaire Collective uses artificial intelligence  And unlock new markets with the help of a translator

Vestiaire Collective is leveraging artificial intelligence to expand its business. Thanks to the use of new technologies, the platform for selling second-hand luxury items has introduced three new languages - Chinese, Dutch, and Swedish - to fuel growth in four key markets and improve service to the existing customer base. The results of the initiative are already beginning to show, said Klemen Drole, Chief Operating Officer. "Thanks to the expansion of our language options, we can also connect more closely with our global community and unlock new growth in high-potential markets," he stated. With the strategic addition of AI to Vestiaire's pages, the platform is receiving increased traffic from users in Hong Kong, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Sweden, recording a significant increase in engagement.

Vestiaire Collective operates in seventy international countries, but until now the site included only six languages. Thanks to AI, the platform is now able to localize communication without adding additional resources. Since the launch of the three new languages, Vestiaire has recorded a 200% acceleration in the growth of new buyers in the markets of Hong Kong, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Sweden. To launch a new language in a designated country, representatives explained while presenting the new feature, it now requires 80% less time and resources. The company stated that thanks to the AI-powered translation system, the customer service team can now handle more specific tasks, such as assisting priority customers. Along with greater productivity, faster and more accurate translations are also added.

According to Vestiaire, the effects of adding AI to the platform manifest in three ways: customer service teams are now able to support each of the seventy countries 24/7; the efficiency of each agent has increased, and with fewer languages managed manually, they can reduce the number of external partners from three to two. Vestiaire Collective's adoption of artificial intelligence represents a significant step forward for the company, which says it is ready to embrace the new momentum of expansion that is deriving from it. Through the introduction of new languages and the optimization of resources, it will not only be able to better connect with an international clientele but also stimulate significant growth in key markets.