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What is going on at Trussardi?

Yet another crisis for the Bergamo-based brand

What is going on at Trussardi?  Yet another crisis for the Bergamo-based brand

«Ain’t no rest for the wicked» once 2sang the Cage The Elephant, and there seems to be no rest for Trussardi either, which in recent weeks has seen the resignation of its entire board of directors and has reportedly begun a recomposition procedure that will see an outside expert step in to restructure the composition of its debts. According to reports, the company's debt is expected to be 50 million euros, with revenues reduced to 80 million euros. Consulting firm 3X Capital has been called in to turn the situation around, which has revised revenues downward and is trying to return the company to profitability. Meanwhile, employees have been laid off and several stores may close for good.

The straw that broke the camel's back, according to several sources, was the non-payment of a distribution partner that halted the delivery of goods, allegedly creating a ripple effect that did not help the already heavily indebted brand. Nothing is said, however, about a change in creative direction, which is instead expected to remain the same-although frankly the situation remains doubtful a bit for everyone. Which is a shame because, for the last FW23 collection, the two creative directors, Serhat Işık and Benjamin A. Huseby, had produced a very credible and convincing collection. The options at this point seem to be only three: if Trussardi survives the storm, it will do so as a more downsized and smaller brand; if it cannot survive, it can hope that a new entrepreneur will relaunch it or, if it fails to clear its debt, it will have to declare bankruptcy.