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What is Superplastic, the company of Gucci's next collaboration

Gucci's new project for the Metaverse

What is Superplastic, the company of Gucci's next collaboration Gucci's new project for the Metaverse

This year has certainly been flourishing for Gucci, which has pushed the boundaries of collaborations, constantly looking for new ways and allies to expand its universe, or rather multiverse, as a brand. After selecting 100 Thieves for a capsule collection, an alleged collaboration with Adidas, a limited number of costumed Xboxes, the collection co-branded with The North Face, the show on Hollywood Boulevard and the creation of a "hacking" collection with Balenciaga which has undermined the very concept of partnership in the world of fashion, the luxury label has chosen Superplastic, the leading company in the creation of animated celebrities, toys and digital collectibles (NFT) to continue expanding its loyalty.

The partnership was revealed on Superplastic's Twitter and Instagram profiles: the account wrote "welcome to tha fam" and shared a visual with the logos of the two brands, without giving other words, but leaving the fans of the respective brands to comments rejoice. In 2019, when Paul Budnitz, the Burlington, Vermont-based entrepreneur behind design toy company Kidrobot, decided to create Superplastic the intent was to take Walt Disney's dreams into the future. The company has already created two successful characters: Janky and Guggimon, a pair of friends-anarchists who combine an avant-garde Art Spiegelman aesthetic with the colorful atmosphere of street art, the duo that caused a sensation on social media media by gathering an audience of 8 million followers across Instagram, TikTok and Discord. The label has already collaborated with big names, including J. Balvin, Rico Nasty, Fortnite, Gorillaz, it remains to be seen what the Gucci x Superplastic partnership will entail, in any case it is certain that we will still associate Gucci with the Metaverse.

Gucci's executive vice president believes the immersive digital world signals a paradigm shift for luxury brands and expects it to generate a "very significant new revenue stream" for years to come, according to The Fashion 2022 report Business of Fashion and McKinsey. From crypto art, with the sale of the brand's first NFT inspired by the Gucci Aria fashion film, to limited edition accessories on Roblox and skins for Tennis Clash, Gucci is only at the beginning of a shrewd strategy to colonize the Metaverse.