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SNIPES presents the Nike Air Force 1 Source Code Pack

The "source code" of the sneakergame

SNIPES presents the Nike Air Force 1 Source Code Pack  The source code  of the sneakergame

With nearly forty years of history behind it, there is certainly something magical behind the Air Force 1's incredible longevity in the sneakergame. Eternal in charm and style, Nike sneakers can undoubtedly be defined as the "source code" of that world born over the years and grown dramatically without ever forgetting its origins. This is reason that SNIPES has decided to release a special pack dedicated to the Air Force 1, giving the sneaker two new colorways and renaming them, in fact, the "Source Code Pack".

In the first White/Black/Gray Haze colorway, the Swoosh fades from shades of white to a lighter blue, while in the Pure Platinum/White/Coconut Milk version the Nike logo is presented in a colorway that goes from gold to platinum . The real peculiarity, however, is in the tongue, in which the classic Nike brand gives way to a source code that encodes the genesis of the sneaker game interior through an immortal silhouette.

The Nike Air Force 1 Source Code Pack is available online exclusively at SNIPES.