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Gucci presents the Changemakers project

To encourage diversity and inclusion in the fashion world and beyond

Gucci presents the Changemakers project  To encourage diversity and inclusion in the fashion world and beyond

After the controversy and accusations of racism linked to the “blackface” balaclava sweater, Gucci had promised to work to make the fashion world aware of diversity and inclusion, announcing the imminent appointment of a global director who will deal with these issues. The next step is the launch of the Changemakers program which, started internally already in 2018, will aim to "give a powerful turn in the fashion world, strengthening the social impact and the relationship with local communities". In a statement released by the brand, the president and CEO Marco Bizzarri explains:

"I believe in dialogue, in building meaningful relationships and in acting. That's why we immediately set to work to remedy our shortcomings. The Changemakers program is the fruit of our commitment to inclusion and diversity, a commitment that will allow us to invest critical resources to create fertile spaces for common growth, stimulating and supporting ever more effectively intercultural exchange with the communities with which we are we interface, especially the African-American one”.

In fact, the first step of the initiative, supervised by a Changemakers Council directed by Dapper Dan with the help of council members such as musician and UCLA professor Eric Avila, will focus on North America and develop on three levels. Gucci will start by setting up a $ 5 million fund to support initiatives to create opportunities in the African-American and color community, complemented by a $ 1.5 million USD scholarship program, created to support 70 fashion students. In this regard, Bizzarri pointed out:

"The scholarship fund is then the necessary completion of this plan, as we strongly believe in the promise of the new generations and we firmly believe that this is the right way to create more opportunities for the benefit of every young person wishing to express talent and grow professionally in the fashion world".

The new Gucci project will also include a global volunteering program: the 18 thousand employees of the brand, in fact, will be called to participate in voluntary initiatives in their reference communities, inviting them to dedicate up to four days paid for assistance to the weakest, education and environmental protection. By June Gucci will announce a parallel fund, still worth 5 million dollars, in the Asia-Pacific region, coinciding with the launch of the voluntary work project in the area.