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Gucci presents When Time Stands Still

[gridTitle]When Time Stands Still[/gridTitle]

[parag1]Time is our only wealth, but do we really know its value? Often, in the haste of our routines, we look at the clock face as we see the course of an obstacle race. We miss the value of individual moments - just as we often miss the value of the object that keeps track of their journey. In fact, a watch is never just a watch; it is an object that is often as precious as it is precise, one that we rely on to control our time but that encloses within it a whole universe - our own. A watch always says something about us, evokes a special memory, summarizes our tastes and symbolizes our fantasies. And just considering how our identity is able to show itself in the small gestures of daily life, the new video series of Gucci Dive - the new watch model signed by the centenary Florentine brand - created in collaboration with nss magazine aims to tell a story about those moments that are too often lost in the rapid rush of our routines: "When Time Stands Still." Every moment, even the most ordinary one, has its own unique value and therefore every moment should be celebrated - drops in an immensely larger ocean that, seen from the perspective of the preciousness of individual gestures, all contribute to a final result much greater than the individual parts. That's why Gucci asked three creators, Megan Otnes, Avery Ginsberg and Jenny Welbourn, to tell their story made up of ordinary moments. It doesn't matter how small the gestures are, as long as in each of them there is a special care, an exquisitely human consideration that represents faith and the struggle for a better world. It takes slowing down our time to rediscover it. Accompanying the wearer in every moment of his or her day, reminding him or her of the beauty that is possible to create in this world and that is only discovered when we stop running, is the goal of the construction of Gucci Dive: a watch with a sporty shape, equipped with an automatic movement developed by Swiss artisans, produced using bio-based materials and recycled steel.[/parag1]


[quote]A watch always says something about us, evokes a special memory, summarizes our tastes and symbolizes our fantasies.[/quote]

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[parag2]Precisely its diving watch form is meant to evoke an active life, in which every split second has its relevance, no matter what you do: from gardening to a business meeting, from hiking to a formal party-through each situation it is our attitude that distinguishes us. And that is why Gucci Dive's design speaks of preciousness but also of dynamism, of performance, of activity - its 40mm case and composition represent the perfect synthesis of a sports watch and ethical production. A watch created with respect for enjoying the world one moment at a time. Just as one wave can generate another, and just as a stem of grass can multiply and become a meadow, even the smallest of gestures can have impacts that go far beyond what we can see.[/parag2]

[watchBody]This is the importance of everyone's small daily gestures that, when joined together, create real and lasting change in the world. It is a kind of philosophy that is fully reflected in the work of Gucci, which for many years already has joined the fight for sustainability through a commitment to implementing low-impact materials that has been an example for the entire industry. And of this commitment, as well as of its love for vitality and harmony, the new Gucci Dive watch is perhaps its most significant emblem and "When Time Stands Still," its highest expression.[/watchBody]