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GORE-TEX inaugurates a special showroom exhibition

Happening during Men's Fashion Week in Paris

GORE-TEX inaugurates a special showroom exhibition Happening during Men's Fashion Week in Paris

It is hard to think of a company that has been so instrumental within the development of functionality and the technical aspects of clothing as GORE-TEX. Legendary brands such as ACRONYM®, Stone Island, CP Company, Arc'teryx Veilance, Nike, adidas, Visvim, Palace Skateboards, and Supreme just to name a few, all in their own ways owe a great deal to the fabric that has become synonymous with keeping you dry.

It is with that perspective in mind that Gore is setting up a special showroom exhibition during Paris Fashion Week to showcase some of their definitive pieces. Entitled "Selected Memories of Functionality” the products have been curated by the designer and creative consultant Stephen Mann.

For decades, the GORE-TEX brand has revisited the functionality of clothing and footwear, continuously improving the waterproofing standards that have made them so well know, while bringing the concept of 'high performance' to the extreme. The brand is a source of inspiration for numerous designers within the fashion and lifestyle sector, who always push themselves beyond the boundaries of creativity and functionality with each new collection. 

In addition to exhibiting past and present products, the showroom offers a complete overview of the advantages that GORE-TEX product technologies are able to guarantee the fashion and lifestyle collections of tomorrow. From the special textures of GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY™ to the versatility of the new GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ product line, the ever-changing technologies and products are a source of infinite inspiration for designers and brands.

"It is with this spirit that we have created 'Selected Memories of Functionality', an exhibition, a video installation and a book that visitors can experience during their visit to the showroom. it is based on historical pieces and current styles, and each element explores the possibilities of short and long-term clothing and functional footwear.The exhibition is an introduction to the theme and an invitation for guests to follow the GORE-TEX brand. in the process of re-invention of functionality. “

Benedikt Schlichting, Gore's Performance Wear Leader

Forty years ago, the Gore Fabrics Division revolutionized the outdoor clothing sector thanks to the waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX fabric and continues to maintain its leading role in the innovation of high-performance clothing. Gore fabric products offer comfort and protection in the most difficult environments as well as in everyday life. From hiking in heavy rain to military operations and fire prevention, Gore's profound knowledge of consumers and industry drives product development with significant performance benefits.

Taking place during the Men's PFW, the GORE-TEX brand inaugurates the showroom from the 16th to 18th of January 2019 in 13 Rue Chapon, Paris.