Many of the biggest tech companies have firmly been banking on Augmented Reality being the next big platform in which we interact with through the world. Google, Facebook, and Apple are all pouring millions into research and from shopping to porn, AR for many is the wave of the future of digital entertainment. Retail never being far behind on an opportunity to utilize new technology to its gain, especially as online shopping is growing ever bigger, is also embracing the new opportunities and battle the inherent flaw of online shopping. That its very hard to get an idea of how a garment or shoe will actually look on your person in reality, off of the web page. Which has lead to more than a few returns and unwanted cops through the age of the internet to be certain?

Is Augmented Reality the new fitting room? Check out the fit of your new sneakers, without leaving the house | Image 0
Now its time for AR to come help you out, and conquer the sneaker market at the same time, at least according to augmented reality marketing startup Vyking, who are launching an AR app that lets you virtually try on sneakers, so you can see how they look on your feet before you buy them online. Of course, the feel of the shoes will be laking and there's no add-on for augmented reality solving any very real life blisters, but the technology does let you see the fit in a round about 360 degrees way, while you're able to move your foot in real-time. With a number of other brands looking into implementing AR in some way into there online shopping, be sure you’ll see more of it as the technology develops, and soon you may not need to walk anywhere to buy the perfect shoes for your look!