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Interview with Luca “blssnd” Devinu

The art director and graphic designer passionate about metal and black metal

Interview with Luca “blssnd” Devinu  The art director and graphic designer passionate about metal and black metal

Creative and unconventional, he has a look and a character all his own, but we do not talk about the personality but the different and creative way it has to see and imagine the logos and graphics that populate the web, social, everyday life, but above all fashion .

We introduce you to Luca "blssnd" Devinu, art director and graphic designer Made in Sardinia, passionate about metal and black metal, love that he carries with his inventiveness in his work. He told us a bit about his experiences, about his art and has created something special for us.

#1 For those who don’t know you please tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

Hello to the whole team of nss, I am an art director based in Sardinia specialized in the creation of logos and illustrations. I have been working for almost 5 years now and one year ago I chose to put my style in the fashion world, starting with a brand in Spain called Obnubil until arriving in Italy this year to become the art curator of the new collection of C. by Loredana Pinasco coming out in July. 


#2 Tell us a bit about the iconic Rihanna logo. How did that come about?

Everything started thanks to my mentor Christophe Szpajdel, who is an historic logo maker of the metal scene, with whom I still work. He put me in touch with the team of Willo Perron which was in charge of the artistic direction of the Rihanna's show for the MTV Vmas 2016 at Madison Square Garden. We worked together on the pieces that ended up in the scenic design. 


#3 How did you decide to start mixing metal and high fashion for logos? They would seem like polar opposites.

Actually that's exactly why I do it. Absurdly since they are two completely opposite realities they can be totally functional and complementary. I think it's fundamental for fashion to reflect on these kind of subcultures and I'm glad that well-known brands like Vetements believe in this market concept. 

#4 How do you choose which brands to rework? 

I don't often get to choose. I usually create them from scratch for someone, starting from the brand's references and then I prepare different options. 


#5 When designing a logo, do you in any way incorporate the aesthetic of the brand or you give it new life?

I try to do both. There are different kinds of metal logos and when working with brands I tend to make them in the most readable and saleable possible. But there are exceptions too, it depends on the message the brand is launching through the collection and I figure it out during the creative process.

#6 Have you had any reactions from the metal community? 

Absolutely. When I worked for Rihanna it was like a bolt from the blue: many people of the metal community thought it was a total “blasphemy” to sell the underground aesthetic to a opposite market ethic.


#7 Please tell us a little bit about the logos you designed for nss.

For you I designed something simple and above all direct, a classic logo that would look good both on a piece of clothing and by itself, always reflecting my style.

#8 What perspective does a metal fan like you have on contemporary fashion?

I have a very personal perspective. It’s quite uncommon that a metal fan follows the trends or is into the hypebeast culture, but I think it’s about time we tore down this wall. As far as I’m concerned, when I think about the brands I’d like to collaborate with, Vetements is the first in line: I’ve been in talks with the team for future possible collaborations. I’m a also fan of Palm Angels and our style ideas are quite similar.