Conceived as a gift shop for the museum of contemporary creativity that is Moncler Genius, with slogans devised to go viral, they and the logo’s themselves become the protagonists and take on the role of statements becoming an integral part of a true merchandising operation. The spirit that animates the collection is decisive and graphic, made to combine as the modern, frenetic, metropolitan style requires. The spirit is versatile, a mix 'n' match of influences from pop-grunge-rock that can take the most varied of forms and adapt to the most diverse situations. Casual and provocative, this remix of influences gives life to a kaleidoscope of sensations that is the Moncler Genius Palm Angels collection.


Available now online, at flagships, and special Moncler pop-ups worldwide


Photography Vincenzo Schioppa
Model CouCou Chloe
Air direction & Production nss Factory
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