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Moncler Genius Palm Angels has arrived

Plus The House of Genius, a series of special pop-ups and events world wide

Moncler Genius Palm Angels has arrived Plus The House of Genius, a series of special pop-ups and events world wide

Moncler Genius has been one of the fashion events we have been following most closely over the summer and fall the year. The innovative and ambitious project from Moncler has seen seven designers creating unique capsules for Moncler. We’ve followed them all so far Craig Green, 1952, and interviewed Simon Rocha, Kei Ninomiya, and Hiroshi Fujiwara.

The turn has now come to the most street of the bunch, the Palms Angels collaboration designed by Francesco Ragazzi. A very ambitious drop logistically the collection arrives this today, Thursday, and is presented through four main events in LA, New York, London, Tokyo, plus smaller events across the whole globe. 

The drop approach is in itself interesting with fashions current obsession with merch, the Palm Angels release is conceived as a merch gift shop for the museum of contemporary creativity that is Moncler Genius.

"A curated project like Moncler is akin to a living museum of contemporary creativity. It needs a gift shop in order to spread the word virally, and I am here to provide that." 

Francesco Ragazzi

The approach with catchy slogans that are designed to become viral - Make It Rain and I'm So High - together with the Moncler Genius logo itself, are the main protagonists and become an integral part of a real merchandising operation. The spirit that animates the collection is decisive and graphic which is highlighted by the dominant palettes of red and black interrupted by bright splashes of white, and a diversity of materials among the literal standouts, are shiny nylon and acetate. The shapes are functional but whimsical, with quilts, gilets, overalls, parkas, sweaters, hooded sweatshirts, t-shirts, and leggings are made to mix and match as desired, as the ever frenetic metropolitan style requires.

The spirit is versatile, a mix 'n' match of pop-grunge-rock influences that can take the most varied of forms and adapt to the most diverse situations. The definitive example, are the chameleon-like Suicoke collab sliders that can be worn with thick wool socks as well as more sporty gym socks. At the same time casual and provocative, this remix of influences gives life to a kaleidoscope of sensations.

8 MONCLER PALM ANGELS will be available from October 4th at Moncler online and their flagship boutiques. Moncler also announces The House of Genius in New York and Tokyo, two temporary spaces, and more than 50 pop-ups, selling the whole Genius range in select department stores and boutiques worldwide.