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Artist duo The Bumbys announces the launch of their APP

It will revolutionize arts' fruition

Artist duo The Bumbys announces the launch of their APP It will revolutionize arts' fruition

The anonymous performance-art duo from Brooklyn, the Bumbys, just announced the launch of an app that promises to be an authentic revolution within the arts’ fruition, reducing the gaps of time and distance between the artist and the public.

It will be launched on September the 15th, presented in occasion of the Wired Next Fest in Florence, from the 17th through the 18th of September, and it will be called ‘The Bumbys APP’. We don’t have many details yet about the project, but what we know for sure is that it’ll make us forget how it is to queue for one of the duo’s events. In fact, it will be enough just to upload one of our photos in order to receive an exclusive personalized profile.

For those stranger to the Bumbys, the duo was started in 2008 when the artists performed for the first time in Brooklyn subway and started the project as a social experiment. Afterwards, the Bumbys gained global success, which brought them to work on important collaborations with relevant institutions like Whitney Museum of American ArtMercedes-Benz, Christian LouboutinGivenchy, and Vogue. What they offer is pure show: they show up sitting behind a desk with vintage typewriters, wearing wigs, glasses and a pair of headphones, and they provide whoever shows up with ‘A Fair and Honest Appraisal of Your Appearance’, leaving everyone speechless in front of their unique sense of humour. Based on associations and impressions formulated over the body language of the person facing them, they put together a short story that their Brother writes on a postcard signed by the duo, which suddenly become a unique art piece.

If you’re curious about Bumbys’ performances, the wait is almost over. In a few days, you’ll be able to enjoy them straight from your phone!