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Top 20 Global Brand Social by Reputation Manager

Disney, Starbucks and Louis Vuitton

Top 20 Global Brand Social by Reputation Manager Disney, Starbucks and Louis Vuitton

Reputation Manager, the first Italian institute of analysis and measurement of online reputation of companies and prominent public figures, monitored the official account of Twitter and Facebook of 100 global brands in the Interbrand ranking...

...The result of the analysis? Disney, Starbucks and Louis Vuitton conquered the podium of the Top 20 Global Social Brand of April.

 Disney regaining the first place as brand with the highest level of engagement on Twitter. In fact it registered an average of 1,044 responses to each tweet of the official account. The tweets of the brand that has received more retweet and like is dated April 22: On the occasion of Earth Day, established by the United Nations, Disney posted the chorus of Pocahontas:

"And we are all connected to each other in a circle, in a hoop that never ends" - 3,170 retweets and 3,714 like.

IBM's entered into the top 20 last month with the twentieth position. It's the brand that has grown more in April: it goes to the fourteenth position, gaining six, with an engagement of 86.

MTV, for the fourth consecutive month, confirms itself to be more active on Twitter than on Facebook: on April it produced 3,233 tweets, while the fanpage posted 1,458 messages which received on average 11,485 responses - a total of 16,745,390 like and comment.

...But in the top April 20 on Twitter there are also three new entries: Nike in tenth place with 151.8 reactions to tweet; Google in eleventh place with 148.7 reactions to tweet and Budweiser in eighteenth place with 66.4 reactions to tweet.

As for Facebook, there are five new entries in the top 20: Nike in second place, KFC in twelfth, Honda in sixteenth, Colgate in the nineteenth and Cartier twentieth.

...If any of you still thought to be an influencer on the web, in light of that he will be forced to review his own position.