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Leave your selfie stick at home

Coachella 2015 gives rules

Leave your selfie stick at home Coachella 2015 gives rules

Rules are made to be broken, but this time you won’t be overdriven.

You bought the ticket months ago and now can’t wait to walk on the lawn of Coachella 2015. Just leave home your selfie stick.

We know that 2014 was selfie’s year, you arrived at extreme levels of poserism with your parabolic stick. But no, this week came out the golden rules of Coachella, and with the fireworks, the chairs and the drugs have to leave home even your beloved Selfie stick.

The measure is not exactly new, even to 'Ultra Music Festival in Miami were prohibited. in Europe too, in the museums of Versailles Palace, the National Gallery, the Colosseum and the Uffizi you can no longer use the stick.

 The incoordination leads to disastrous results, sticks in the eyes, sticks skewered in works of art, public order problems at festivals.

Everything ok, but we arrived at Coachella to extreme levels of narcissism prohibition.. It is clear that one of the main reasons why people went to Coachella was the fact to show themself on social, consider that last year Instagram went down during the event.

That this is the world wide meeting of narcissists is granted, but how will the organizers to diagnose personality disorder? Will have hired team of psychiatrists who will run with bouncers eliminate Narcissistics?

We don’t know.

But it will be funny follow the hashtag #Coachella2015.