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The archive of Concetto Pozzati goes online

A large archive curated by his children, Jacopo and Maura

The archive of Concetto Pozzati goes online A large archive curated by his children, Jacopo and Maura

Archivio Concetto Pozzati goes online: a vast and exhaustive collection of materials about the artist Concetto Pozzati, including a large collection of works, paintings, biographies, original writings and photographies. A rich and comforting collection of documents that, just like a wunderkammer, gather all the fragments and memories of an extraordinary life, telling the story of the artist in all his facets. 

The physical archive already opened in Bologna (Via Zamboni, 57) earlier this year, in January, on the will of the artist's children Maura and Jacopo Pozzati; it collects all the documentation about the artistic life of Pozzati, with the purpose of safeguarding his works, promoting the research and putting together both personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad. From now on, the energy that always led the expression of Pozzati also goes online with a digital archive of all his precious memories made of important meetings, relationships and deep changes that Pozzati gave to the Arts industry and to his city of adoption, Bologna. 

"Following the COVID-19 crisis, I think that people will rediscover their own local", said Jacopo Pozzati, the artist's son and founder of SOTF; "They will suddenly rediscover the 60s (gone from informal to pop), the 70s (gone from pop to the cheap art) and especially the 80s, when my father played a capital role and the Italian artistic production was very high talented.

Born in Florence, Concetto Pozzati has been one of the greatest Italian painters and artists of the late 20th Century. He was a professor at Accademia di Bologna, a city that he loved so much that he even became Councilor for Culture from 1993 to 1996, but he also engaged in the organization of many contemporary art exhibitions both in Italian and foreign museums, as the Quadriennale di Roma and the Biennale di Venezia (the last one in 2013). His works have been exposed in the world's most important museums and galleries, as Palazzo Grassi in Venezia (1974), Palazzo Delle Esposizioni in RomaMuseu de Arte de São Paulo in Brazil (1987) and Museo Morandi in Bologna (2007).

Over the years, Pozzati was celebrated with many important awards as the Sigillo d'Ateneo from the University of Bologna (2005) and was later nominated a Member of the Accademia Nazionale di San Luca in 1995 and Academic Advisor in 2005. 


The Archivio Concetto Pozzati is available online at