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Ciro Di Marzio is not dead

Cattleya will produce a film about the origins of the Immortal

Ciro Di Marzio is not dead  Cattleya will produce a film about the origins of the Immortal

We all cried when we saw Genny Savastano and Ciro Di Marzio's red eyes full of tears in the last episode of the fourth season of Gomorrah and we realized that we would have never seen the Immortal again. As we know, however, hope is the last to die and raise your hand if you hoped until the end it was all a nightmare, a trick or at least a bluff and that Ciro would have emerged from the water by taking off the bulletproof vest causing us to bubble up with joy, a sort of Jon Snow's resurrection in our local sauce. But no, Ciro really died and it was Genny who killed him.


But as we said spes ultima dea and out of nowhere we received a gift as if it was Christmas. has reported a news that made us jump out from the chairs. Marco D'Amore, who in the series plays Ciro Di Marzio, will be the protagonist and director of a film produced by Cattleya and that, for now, seems to have the title "Immortal" (which one otherwise), Marco has already directed some episodes of the fourth season of Gomorrah. Taking care of the script will be Leonardo Fasoli, former writer of the series and one of the main screenwriters, again for Cattleya, of a series inspired by Zero Zero Zero, another best seller by Roberto Saviano.

Clearly the plot details are yet to be announced but the film will tell the formative years of Ciro starting from the loss of parents in the terrible earthquake that hit the Irprina in November 1980 when he was still a child, and then will analyze his rise as a killer loyal to the Savastano family.

“Marco did a great job directing multiple episodes of Gomorrah series four. This movie will look at how Ciro Di Marzio became ‘Immortale’ and his approach to the Savastano clan. It’s important to remember that the same 1980 earthquake he survived as a child helped spawn the rebirth of the Camorra in Campania so there is a parallel in their stories.”

The producers are hoping to shoot in the first quarter of 2019 and we can't wait to watch it.