Can someone be paid more than the queen?

Apparently yes, indeed.

It is today, in fact, the news that the actress Claire Foy, Queen Elizabeth II of the first two seasons of The Crown, has been paid less than the actor playing Prince Philip, Matt Smith.
The producers of the show Suzanne Mackie and Andy Harries revealed it during the INTV Conference in progress in Jerusalem.

Ironically, Mackie emphasized "no one can earn more than the queen" and it seems that starting from the third season it will be like that.

Too bad that the Foy does not take advantage of this adjustment of salary since it will no longer be her to play His Majesty, but the role will be given to Olivia Colman, more similar to the sovereign age in the events told in the next episodes.

The justification for this outrageous pay gap could be the fame obtained by Matt Smith thanks to Doctor Who that would have allowed him to have a better contract from the economic point of view than the colleague.

The thing is still serious, especially considering that Netflix has collected an extraordinary sum of money with The Crown, even if it is one of the most expensive shows ever, with a budget of 7 million dollars per episode, of which about $ 40,000 earned by Foy.

With the scepter passed to Colman and the re-casting of the series (it is still not confirmed who will replace Smith, even if the rumors indicate Paul Bettany or the former Dr. House Hugh Laurie) the situation should change.

Better late than never?

Certainly, the true Queen Elizabeth II would never have accepted such a situation.