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Netflix VS Kevin Spacey

39 million dollars to "stay on the side of women"

Netflix VS Kevin Spacey  39 million dollars to stay on the side of women

2017: over 11 billion dollars.

36% growth compared to 2016.

And now what is planned for 2018?

Netflix conquers Wall Street, the Internet audience, and the entire global entertainment scene. Its growth does not seem to want to stop, and why on the other hand? Users are constantly intensifying despite the slight increase in subscriptions, self-produced content is increasingly appreciated and successful - not to mention the fame gained by the TV Series Stranger Things or the recent launch of the super chat The End of the F *** ing Word. Nothing seems able to stop Netflix except for... a scandal.

This is not a hoax or simple chatter without foundation. To compromise one of the entertainment giants of our day seems to be one of the most heard, more combated and screamed topics of our day: the scandal linked to the abuse of women.

The case, which takes its name from that terrifying fuse that is Harvey Weinstein, known more than ever, has started a series of complaints that have invested famous names in the Hollywood movie scene, from James Franco, Dustin Hoffman arriving to the Oscar Award Winner Kevin Spacey. And indeed the latter was in fact one of the most acclaimed stars on Netflix, thanks to the award-winning House of Cards series or what should have been a new starting line, Gore, a film directed by Michael Hoffman, in which Spacey was selected as the protagonist. Netflix immediately showed itself ready to fight these injustices and, in fact, as many as 39 million dollars cost  the giant in order "to be on the side of women", to support a right cause, to reject a man who has not shown respect, or worse, seems to have imposed its superiority - gender, professional, it does not matter - on actresses, colleagues, on Women.

The same fate has been the one of TriStar Pictures who paid 10 million dollars for the reshoot of the film All the money in the world, in which Spacey was lightly replaced by the actor Christopher Plummer.

Doesn't this all make us think? Why do we have to spend millions of US dollars to "lay off" Oscar Winner actors that, behind their golden statuette, hide cowardice and meanness? Netflix certainly will not fail but it will undergo an "internal redimensioning", as stated by David Welles, Netflix's financial director, following the allegations of sexual harassment linked not only to the name of Spacey but also to Danny Masterson, protagonist of The Ranch, and Louis C.K., an American comedian who had a show on the streaming platform.

Right or wrong, it does not matter now. The world in 2018 can be "changed" (and not "corrected") just by plugging the holes with money.